Photos of Regina Panasuk, Deborah Harmon Hines, and Jean King

Above right, left to right: Regina Panasuk, Ph.D., UMass Lowell; Deborah Harmon Hines, Ph.D., UMass Medical School; Jean King, Ph.D., UMass Medical School

Below, top to bottom: Jerri Willett, Ph.D., UMass Amherst; Taylor Stoehr, Ph.D., UMass Boston; Susan Krumholz, Ph.D., UMass Dartmouth

Photo of Jerri Willett
Photo of Taylor Stoehr
Photo of Susan Krumholz

As our faculty educates students and makes new discoveries, they also serve the common good by applying knowledge, guiding our students in service, and volunteering scores of hours to the communities in which our campuses reside.

University of Massachusetts President Jack M. Wilson presented the 2008 President’s Public Service Awards to six worthy recipients. Since 1997, these awards have been given annually to faculty members of UMass Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth, Lowell, and Medical School who have provided exemplary service to the Commonwealth. This year’s honorees are:

Jerri Willett, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, UMass Amherst
Professor Willett established the Access through Critical Content and English Language Acquisition (ACCELA) Alliance program, a state and federally funded collaboration with Springfield, Holyoke, and Amherst public school districts to improve the education of second-language learners.

Taylor Stoehr, Ph.D., Professor of Literature, College of Liberal Arts, UMass Boston
Professor Stoehr worked to offer the “Changing Lives Through Literature” program at the Dorchester District Court in which probationers read and discuss literature. Designed to promote a sense of purpose among participants, the program has helped reduce recidivism rates.

Susan Krumholz, Ph.D., Director of Crime and Justice Studies, College of Liberal Arts, UMass Dartmouth
Professor Krumholz brought the national Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program to the University. Through courses held at the Bristol County House of Corrections, student participants and inmates have transformative learning experiences, and inmates are empowered to lead productive lives when they return to the community.

Regina Panasuk, Ph.D., Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate School of Education, UMass Lowell
Professor Panasuk is being recognized for her exceptional dedication to improving mathematics education in the Lowell Public Schools, including securing a $255,000 grant from the state.

Deborah Harmon Hines, Ph.D., Professor of Cell Biology, UMass Medical School
Professor Harmon Hines has worked to ensure that children from Worcester’s under-represented communities gain the science and math literacy necessary to thrive as members of the workforce.

Jean King, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, UMass Medical School
Professor King is a passionate and invaluable advocate for adolescent girls and a mentor to women of all ages. She has long been involved in Daybreak Resources for Women and Children of Worcester, a non-profit organization that provides shelters and services for victims of domestic violence.